We're on Amazon

ElfCrafted is in the early phases of launching a wide variety of products on Amazon that you'll like (not just t-shirts).

We also have a number of Used Books and some other used products from auctions and other sources that we may put up on Amazon or other locations as used items.

Check out what we have for sale on Amazon at the moment (not counting our t-shirts)

ElfCrafted Products on Amazon

We have some fun ideas of things we'll be bringing to you soon! Stay tuned by joining our email mailing list.

Elf Crafted Shirts: Irish dancing shirts and other t-shirts designed by Erin and/or Todd Finnerty

We recently started designing some shirts that appear on Amazon. Check out some of our first tries:

Oireachtas-themed t-shirts on Amazon

Check out the Excited for Oireachtas! Irish Dancing T-shirt (Dance shirt)" and also the Oireachtas! 2018 t-shirt.

"Feis: The Best F-Word Ever" Stuff is on the Way!

We have a "Feis: The Best F-Word Ever" t-shirt on sale now. "Feis: The Best F-Word Ever" is a trademark of ElfCrafted. More "Feis: The Best F-Word Ever" products are on the way. For example, we may be printing them on coffee mugs, pint glasses, and other things. What would you like to see?

We're not just about t-shirts-- get ready for lots more including fashion and crafts!

Who we are

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